About us

Art in Translation (AiT) is an agency founded in 2002 that offers a variety of language services—translation, interpreting, proofreading and transcription—for the arts and culture community: our clients include museums, foundations, institutions, cultural and art centres, exhibitions, publishers, galleries, artists, auction houses, fairs, festivals, universities, media agencies, private companies and government organisations. However, our expertise also extends to the legal and corporate world, serving companies, law firms and public institutions.

The heart and soul of this company is our team of translators, characterised by their linguistic and geographic diversity. This is an important asset, as some languages vary from one region to the next: for example, in New Zealand English is spoken and written differently than in Britain, the USA or India. The members of our skilled team are native speakers who specialise in different fields, from the arts to the law. Their extensive experience in translating art texts, their ability to work well even when they are up against tight deadlines, their specialised knowledge, their efficiency and their precision in transferring ideas from one language to another continue to surprise and astound us day after day. We always endeavour to match each project with a translator who is uniquely suited to its subject matter and style.

The nearly 1,000 professionals across the globe who work with AiT provide services in more than 50 languages, from Spain’s regional tongues to every European and Asian language. In addition, the in-house AiT team manages, coordinates, reviews and closely monitors each project in a personalised process that is set in motion the moment we receive a text. We are always available to answer any questions that may arise, either from our clients or from our service partners.

Thanks to these combined efforts and our painstaking attention to detail, style and substance, we are able to consistently deliver accuracy and excellence.

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